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In addition to guitar lessons, a guitar maintenance service is also available from Guitology. This covers everything from a simple restring, through to a full set-up of your instrument. Set-ups include:

  • Fingerboard clean and oil
  • Fret polish
  • Restring
  • Action adjustment
  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Intonation adjustment
  • Loose nuts and screws tightened
  • Clean and polish
  • Tuned and tested.
  • Set-ups are usually done within 3 to 4 days, but if you need it done quicker, this can be arranged.

    Prices for set-ups are as follows:

  • Standard or Electro Acoustic from £20
  • Fixed Bridge or Standard Trem Electric from £30
  • Locking Trem Electric from £35
  • Standard Bass from £30
  • 5 String Bass from £35

  • Electrical repairs from £10
  • Pick up installation from £15
  • A bespoke service for more involved work (such as fret dressing, refretting, body work, refinishing etc) is available, but the work required will need to be assessed before being priced accordingly.



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