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Arp At The Duchess (2008)

August Compote (2008)

Ziggy's Theme (2009) - inspired by my cat.

Eighty8 (2009)

Maddy's Lullaby (2015) - for my daughter.

Beauty Is Her Name (2017)

All of the above songs are written, arranged and performed by Chris Mitchell.


Galloping Cows

Galloping Cows is an EDM band with a difference - everything is played on just a guitar. There's no MIDI, no drum machines, no sampled instrument sounds - just a standard electric guitar, a guitar multi-effects pedal and a looper.
With a soulful vocal adding the icing to the cake for this one-of-a-kind band, Galloping Cows are re-writing the rule book of what can be played on a guitar and in the process are pioneering a new role for the guitar in music, in particular the genre of dance music.
You have to see it to believe it, as there really is nothing else in the world quite like Galloping Cows.

Galloping Cows on Facebook
Galloping Cows on YouTube

Diggy Haze

Fresh and funky acoustic grooves, played to make your booty move.

Diggy Haze on Facebook

the Coronettes

The Coronettes plural noun
1. An acoustic duo hailing from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, UK, performing the quirkiest covers this side of the cheese aisle.
Their repertoire is an eclectic collection of tunes, all dexterously hand picked from over eight decades of popular music and culture. Standards, classics, anthems and hits have all been lovingly re-arranged for guitar and vocals and dressed in the eccentric sound of the Coronettes - a mashed up musical kaleidoscope of bubblegum jazz and acoustic wizardry that will have you swaying your head, swinging your hips and singing along.
So if you're looking for quirky acoustic covers with delicious vocals and dazzling guitar to entertain your ears, then look no further than the Coronettes.

the Coronettes on Facebook

The Egg

The Egg are dance technicians, playing live rocktronic, funk and house inspired big textural dance music, using electronic and live instruments with video triggers, samples and live and vocodered vocals.
The Egg have played throughout Europe, USA, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, and India and the band are well known on the UK festival circuit and the club scene. They have released several albums, including 'Albumen' and 'Travelator' on Warners and 'Forwards', which saw them enjoy a worldwide hit with the massive Tocadisco electro-house remix of 'Walking Away' and the David Guetta bootleg that followed 'Love Don’t Let Me Go' (no.3 UK charts, no.1 in Spain for 6 weeks).

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